The Toronto area faces unique and challenging construction issues, and these issues require solutions that are just as unique. Earth retention is a critical part of any construction, and Ontario’s regulations regarding the practice is that shoring in Toronto is required.

Our team understands that earth retention is an important step in any construction process, and our team is ready to drill in even the most challenging and harsh of environments. Excavation can’t truly be considered safe unless proper shoring procedures are adhered to, and we’re just the team to help bring safe shoring to your site.

Why Shoring in Toronto is so Important?

Our passion is to provide our clients with simple and effective solutions to their construction needs, and shoring helps achieve that goal.

Shoring is an effective method of earth retention that allows for the area around a construction zone to be held in place. This system allows for workers to safely proceed with the construction process, without having to worry about soil falling in on the site, potentially harming workers and damaging property. Likewise, shoring allows nearby property to be maintained, minimizing potential damage to nearby buildings and trees.

Working With Unique Spaces

A challenging construction space can be a hassle you are unprepared to deal with, and, if you’re dealing with an under-skilled construction crew, you’ll likely deal with more hassles than you’ve come to expect.

Zucco have experience tackling tight access shoring, low head room shoring, residential shoring, and commercial shoring. All of our experience means we’ll know exactly how to work with your unique space, in order to provide tailored solutions and actionable choices to proceed with the shoring process.

When a Project is Halted

If you’ve been issued a stop-work order, it can be frustrating and exhausting to find out how to proceed with the work that needs to be done on your construction area. How can you safely proceed with the project? Where can you go from here?

When the Ministry of Labour issues a stop-work order, we can step in and aid you on the path to resuming work on your project. We’ve helped many clients mobilize their project, as we offer the tools and knowledge you need to get the project back on its feet again. We’ll carefully assess the site and work along the guidelines set by the Ministry of Labour to ensure the stability and safety of your work site.

Tackling Challenging Soil Conditions

What Ere the Main Difficulties of an Excavation?

Soil can vary in density, and this density can affect the safety and process of an excavation. Our team knows that dealing with softer soils can be a challenge, but we’re prepared to face that challenge with our use of helical piers. Helical piers are a system of support that allow for structural support of soil when other systems simply would not function. Working with softer soil can be difficult, and requires a skilled and knowledgeable team to apply the helical pier system in a particular fashion. These helical pier systems can even correct or adjust other systems that have previously failed, allowing for safe construction to resume. Zucco shoring division specializes in earth retention systems as (pile and lagging/caissons/secant)systems. We are a highly trained team of professionals’ with many years of experience drilling in some of the hardest conditions.

How Does Shoring Help

Shoring is a method or form of engineered earth retention. Its propose is to temporally support the earth from falling into excavated areas thereby protecting the workers and construction activities . This level of earth retention or protection is now required by the Ontario building code for any excavation over 4’ depth.

We Find Solution For Any Challenge

We offer top quality service and workmanship to all our customers. We have a highly trained and motivated professional team with the right equipment for the job. The drilling equipment can drill to a depth of 20’ with holes up to 24” wide. Our drills are able to work within tight areas without damaging nearby houses or trees. This makes our equipment perfectly suited for residential jobs. We specialize in tight access shoring, low head room shoring, residential shoring, commercial shoring. Full design services are also available at any stage in the project through our network of consultants. Regardless of your needs, Zucco routinely finds customized and efficient solutions to any challenges that are experienced during the course of a project. We are eager to take on new projects, and committed to completing the work to your satisfaction. The experienced crew at Zucco are backed by an entire fleet of modern and compact equipment that can be mobilized quickly so we can start on your project right away. Our focus is simple, and we routinely work with clients to provide geotechnical construction and design/build services for projects big and small.

We Save You Time And Money

Our experienced staff has worked closely with the Ministry of Labour on numerous sites where stop-work orders have been issued. Once a site has been given a stop-work order it is imperative that you take the necessary steps to get your site up and running. We have the equipment and resources necessary to start, mobilize, and finish your job saving you time, stress, and money.

We Insure Your Safety

If your site gets shutdown due to an unsafe excavation, we are able to remediate the site and ensure that it is safe for you and your team. We can facilitate engineer sign-offs and drawings, therefore, expediting the process of getting back to work.

Our helical piers systems provide foundation support for various styles of structures and challenging soil conditions. Helical piers are often installed when very high capacities are needed in softer soils where traditional foundation systems will not suffice. Our helical piers systems are also used to correct and support existing foundations that have settled or failed. We cater to a wide range of commercial, and residential structure. We provide an all-encompassing helical foundation service from design, supply, and installation making sure that whatever size your project or soil conditions are we can offer an effective solution.